ConsTruc™ Industries produces two primary categories of equipment, Foam Generators and Mobile Trucks.

Engineered with the user in mind, each piece of fully-automated equipment offers digital displays and easy to operate systems that make pumping a breeze. View all system information on an anti-glare screen to monitor water, chemical, and powder levels, and easily adjust densities to ensure you are pumping to exact job specifications. Auto cleaning mode makes post job cleanup quick and efficient. With the ability to produce both pervious and non pervious cellular concrete, ConsTruc™ offers streamlined solutions for all of your upcoming jobs.

Freestanding Foam Generators


Produces enough foam for up to 100 cy/hr at 30 pcf

  • Dual-mode operation allows user to utilize continuous production or user input batch quantities
  • Fits both traditional drum and volumetric trucks
  • Utilizes truck's existing air, water, and electrical supply
  • Foam output up to 35 cfm
  • Air dryer/filter and water filter included
  • Water-resistant enclosure
  • User-friendly IP-66 rated anti-glare digital display
  • Produces both pervious and impervious cellular concrete
  • Dimensions: 42"(L) x 18"(W) x 26"(H)

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